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This is a very ominous assignment....with overtones of extreme personal danger.

Still Friends-Only, folks...comment here if you feel the desire.

Otherwise, move along, nothing to see here....

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Well, journal. This looks like the end of the road.

It's been a glorious 11 years, but it looks like you and I are just growing apart and headed in different directions. It's sad, but it's life.

I won't delete anything here, because there's simply too much within these pages to just erase everything permanently. But what you can do, dear reader, is go here...


...where I've started anew but haven't quite gotten things rolling the way I'd like to just yet. Maybe this is the final nail in the coffin I needed?

Alas, what a fun ride it's been. No point in anymore fanfare, I don't think, but it has been a great ride here. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss it.

Res ipsa loquitor.
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friends cut v.2010

Since I'm not on as much as I used to be, I pulled off a fairly huge friends cut tonight.

If you were cut, chances are I don't hate you or harbor any ill will; I just needed to trim the list of people I hardly (if ever) talk to anymore.

No hard feelings, no drama llamas.

Cheers & beers,


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spring cleaning 2010

Pulled a quick spring cleaning this week and made a friends cut.

If you were cut, nothing personal. I haven't been updating/reading LJ much lately, mainly because of an insane schedule. I'd like to change that because I miss writing.

In the meantime, I'm off to see KickAss and probably write about a bunch of shit in the not too distant future. Be well, friends.


friends cut

I trimmed down the friends list a bit tonight. If you were cut, nothing personal - I mainly wanted to get rid of a lot of old names that people left active and never use anymore. Then I got crazy and just decided to do a full-on purge. I guess it happens sometimes that way....

Anyway, if I'm missing something here, let me know. Otherwise, like I said, nothing personal. It's LiveJournal. (New slogan idea...)
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Zeitgeist: Addendum

Zeitgeist: Addendum has just been released, and it's proven to be just as mandatory viewing as its predecessor.

It's long, of course, but more than worth watching.

Set aside some time, when you can, and give this an honest chance - no matter your views on world affairs; in this case, most notably the economy.

This film is now more relevant than ever.




WASHINGTON -- Barack Obama effectively clinched the Democratic presidential nomination Tuesday, based on an Associated Press tally of convention delegates, becoming the first black candidate ever to lead his party into a fall campaign for the White House.

It really was becoming obvious within recent weeks, but I can breathe a sigh of relief now that the threat of Hillary running the country is officially over.

I'm normally not one to support any presidential candidate, because the mere fact that the bastards run for office in the first place is damning enough, but there's something different about Obama - something I haven't seen before in anyone running for president in my lifetime.

Bush and his gang of war criminals are leaving behind one horrifying mess to clean up, and they'll no doubt wash their hands of it come November and get away with all the unspeakable acts they've committed since. One hell of a determined man with a plan has to succeed the misery this country has been put through over the past eight years, and Obama truly seems like he's ready to take the reins.
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...is a clip from this:


And it is probably the most compelling, articulate and informed persuason of why Americans need to start looking at the world from a more critical point of view, and come to grips with the fact that everything is not always as it seems.

It isn't all about 9/11, however - the overall message of Zeitgeist stretches much farther into a frightening reality that our country - our world - is being faced with, whether you're aware of it or not.

It may be hard to watch at times, but you all owe it to yourselves to devote some of your time to this. Trust me.

I've never been so compelled by a movie I've seen online before. Not even by Loose Change.
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