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Zeitgeist: Addendum
kindly remove your commandments
Zeitgeist: Addendum has just been released, and it's proven to be just as mandatory viewing as its predecessor.

It's long, of course, but more than worth watching.

Set aside some time, when you can, and give this an honest chance - no matter your views on world affairs; in this case, most notably the economy.

This film is now more relevant than ever.

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is now fucked.



now watch the first one!

(Deleted comment)
no, but i really want to. you?

Honestly I did not like the second one or agreed on most of the conclusions drawn from it.

really? what specifically?

I think the first hour was good but then it lost it's head in a big, big way.

it might seem that way, and i don't agree with all of it myself, but some of it deserves more credit than you think.

Oh I'll give the first hour credit, no doubt, right up until:

"Technology will save us!"
"...uh, the same technology you were crying about a mere 10 minutes previous because of its ability to do the job of ten men?"
"Technology and resources! There's enough to fix everything!"
"Well, leaving the obvious gas and oil aside, our basic minerals such as copper are also becoming much harder to get out th"

oh excellant, I didn't even know about this one, I will go download it now, and watch it later from the comfort of my couch

let me know what you think

What really gets me is why you as a people allowed this practice to go on for as long as we have. Its not like the U.S. or any other country with a large enough army can go and say annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd where done with central banking systems. seriously.

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