fear & loathing on capitol hill

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WASHINGTON -- Barack Obama effectively clinched the Democratic presidential nomination Tuesday, based on an Associated Press tally of convention delegates, becoming the first black candidate ever to lead his party into a fall campaign for the White House.

It really was becoming obvious within recent weeks, but I can breathe a sigh of relief now that the threat of Hillary running the country is officially over.

I'm normally not one to support any presidential candidate, because the mere fact that the bastards run for office in the first place is damning enough, but there's something different about Obama - something I haven't seen before in anyone running for president in my lifetime.

Bush and his gang of war criminals are leaving behind one horrifying mess to clean up, and they'll no doubt wash their hands of it come November and get away with all the unspeakable acts they've committed since. One hell of a determined man with a plan has to succeed the misery this country has been put through over the past eight years, and Obama truly seems like he's ready to take the reins.

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give it about 20 minutes

Sadly, I think we're gonna have a President McCain.

And that's not just because I like Clinton and wanna be mean.

Its final enough.

Here's my next concern: after Obama wins the office, how much time and energy will he have to clean up the war mess?

Will he have enough resources to rebuild our country in a way that it needs to go?

I think the first step would be pulling the troops out, but I've been saying that since before this idiotic war even began...

It just feels like there's so much to do.


you know, all the Es.

Egotistical Republicans

I hotly contest that Obama would do any Egotistical Republicans. He's a married man!

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Re: This is how the election will work out...

as long as the voting turnout continues to be huge and Diebold doesn't fuck anyone over again

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Re: This is how the election will work out...

well, when the entire world is watching the right hand, the left hand is often the one under the table doing the thing that you don't see. and THAT's what ultimately fucks you.

Re: This is how the election will work out...

Obama barely has a lead over McCain. I'd be scared with his lack of any hold over the working class.

(Deleted comment)
We can't even get them to shop at Trader Joe's (which is considered elitist among that particular social class, fyi).

Maybe I'm being too negative but I still fear what I feared from day one and that is unsettling as hell to not have your mind changed.

i said it once, i'll say it again: whoa.

given that, not a block away from me, princeton university's class of 2008 is being handed their respective diplomas (just what we needed around here, more snotty ivy grads...), i think i should repeat part of the best graduation address i've EVER read/heard.

i came across it a few months ago while looking through our archives for something else... the story i was working on was on jon stewart hosting the oscars. he's a local boy. yessir. a few years ago, stewart was the commencement speaker at princeton. he told graduates the following re: the state of the country, the war, and everything else: "whoops. we broke it. have fun fixing it."

i kinda feel like bush should say that to obama, right now. or something similar. anything that sounds like 'good fucking luck.'

She is still in denial that it's over...but it's over.

If Obama gives her the VP spot (doubtful) he will get all of her supporters to vote for him.

Unfortunately (so far), that divisive twunt isn't planning on conceding.

Wait wait wait. One of your presidential candidates is black?

But America hates blacks and women.

I predict the next president will be a black woman.

Maybe Condoleeza will give it a shot.




or napalm, i can't quite tell

...but there's something different about Obama - something I haven't seen before in anyone running for president in my lifetime.

Considering all I've heard him say is echoing Deval f-ing Patrick's "Together We Can," I would really like to know just what he plans to do. As in specifics.

This isn't over by a long shot and it's entirely likely that McCain will be President.

I want this to be a good thing, but I'm worried that it means that 2 demographics some people are hesitant to hand power to (women, blacks) are going to run together, and when a lot of people get into the pollbooth, where no one is watching, they'll elect another Republican white guy.

I don't want politics to be that simple, but election politics is.

i think the people are the simple ones.

Hm... is it going to break your newly-formed and fragile opinion of me if I let it slip that I'm a Hilary supporter?

Nah, Mike's all about Hilarity.

Oh wait.

...BUT I CAN'T! lol shit, i'm moving in with you and you support her?! (jk. i think)


if you weren't, you think i'd share living space with you?! ;)

I probably wouldn't share living space with me.

Call be Debbie Downer

Obama is a politician, just like the rest of them. Hell, apparently he's already pledged support for Israel.

Things won't change regardless of who wins. The bad shit is just beginning.

I suggest learning how to grow your own food etc. while the Internet is still available.

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