fear & loathing on capitol hill

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...is a clip from this:


And it is probably the most compelling, articulate and informed persuason of why Americans need to start looking at the world from a more critical point of view, and come to grips with the fact that everything is not always as it seems.

It isn't all about 9/11, however - the overall message of Zeitgeist stretches much farther into a frightening reality that our country - our world - is being faced with, whether you're aware of it or not.

It may be hard to watch at times, but you all owe it to yourselves to devote some of your time to this. Trust me.

I've never been so compelled by a movie I've seen online before. Not even by Loose Change.

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and thank YOU my dear for introducing me to mr. zeitgeist

The thing that gets me is that these questions are so easily dismissed as conspiracy theories. But they are legitimate questions that no one is taking seriously.

People who ask unpopular questions are ridiculed and/or shut up (or arrested and tazered) and that lets the people in charge off the hook. Why aren't people insisting these questions be answered?

Also, what's so wrong with conspiracy theories? I bet the Watergate investigation would be dismissed as a conspiracy theory these days.

I blame the X-Files.

god damnit, i have been trying not to watch this movie for months as to not get myself all worked up but now i have to go watch the whole thing, thank you sir, thank you

My pleasure, my friend.

Let me know what you think

amen to that! We watched this a few months back, and since then I've been trying to get everyone I know to watch it. You should also watch aaron russo's freedom to fascism. It has alot of the same stuff in it, but worth seeing

You're among many to suggest that to me, so I think I have to go watch it now. On YouTube, I take it?

I really enjoyed the bit about the zodiac. Really interesting stuff.

Of course, it doesn't surprise me at all that you've seen it. ; )

Wasn't that cool?! I had no idea religion and mythology and astrology were all so closely tied in. It makes a hell of a lot of sense, though.

I loved this documentary/movie...whatever you wanna call it. It just furthered my lack of belief in a god. The zodiac thing was the clincher. I wonder how many Christians don know they are worshiping the sun.

And you know what's the funniest part about that? Proof like that could literally hit fundamentalist Christians in the face, and they still wouldn't believe it.

The bible is not what people think it is - it's a literary work no different from Gilgamesh, the Odyssey or anything else. It's sad to think it's somehow managed to brainwash trillions of people.


The microchip thing at the end might be taking it a bit to the extreme, but as far as everything else...it's hard to refute, don't you think?

I haven't been able to independently verify many of the facts in this movie. I've been trying for months.

I think taking a look around and thinking about the way things have gone in recent years should be verification enough

All of those questions have been answered...most of them anyway.

Read the page at the NIST site, then watch the video again. There's an explanation for all of the engineering related stuff.

And, because that's a government site, here are some non-government sites to add more, though I pretty much trust NIST.


Credit to www.thebestpageintheuniverse.com for the links.

Editing is a wonderful tool, eh? I don't mind watching these things (and I surely put zero trust in the gov't), but do you never raise an eyebrow when you're watching these things... when you can clearly tell that they take the parts of things that they NEED - even cutting off clips of people in mid-speech? Hell, I could video tape people talking all day and edit the parts that are the most interesting, splice them together and make a compelling piece of cinema... but I believe the first thing everyone video taped would say would be "That isn't the whole story!"

The whole part where they put the clip of explosives expert in there - useless. Splicing (what could most certainly be) coincidental things together like that is just not "shocking" enough for me to be sold on it.

I agree that there is something fishy going on with nearly EVERYTHING having to do with the US government - but these little youtube doc's just don't further my belief in that.

To be fair, the filmmakers used the splices of each speech to qualify what the film itself was claiming - it would be a tad impratical to use a 30-minute speech in its entirety to verify just one thing. Journalists use it all the time, in both broadcast and print.

How is having the explosives expert in there useless when he points out how the beams are cut in any controlled demolition, when the exact same cuts across similar beams were found in the WTC wreckage? I'd say that's pretty relevant.

I saw the whole thing a while ago, very convincing despite the fact that I try to remain skeptical of most things these days.

Then the thought occured to me...if even half of this is true, we're so fucked.

If there's one thing you probably shouldn't be too skeptical of, it's this movie. It's important to retain a healthy amount of criticism or skepticism on anything, more or less, but save your skepticism for the criminals who keep sapping away our civil liberties under our noses.

as much as i hate bush and his cronies, i cant get behind the (conspiracy) theory that his administration was "behind" the 9/11 attacks. to believe that thousands of government employees are withholding information and behind some big secret about something that occurred on live television is still (and always will be) too difficult for me to swallow. conspiracy theories in general, to me, are ridiculous, no matter what evidence is brought forward said theorist will always find a way to refute it. its not upsetting to me that theories like this exist, but i'll simply never ever buy into them, not even for a dollar.

There is the matter of that pesky tower 7 though...

I'm hoping the Year Zero movie Reznor is working on is half as good as this looks. Also, Repo! The Genetic Opera seems to be making headway in that field.

he's working on a Year Zero movie?!

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