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friends only

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This is a very ominous assignment....with overtones of extreme personal danger.

Still Friends-Only, folks...comment here if you feel the desire.

Otherwise, move along, nothing to see here....

Please add me!!!! thanks xoxoxo

you were never off the list, asshat!

Mind if I use you as a reference on an application?

This reminds me that I must redo the style of my LJ, I am sick of this one, also I be needing a new picture. Also, if you haven't added random people from out of nowhere, we wouldn't have been friends, now this is a example of why it is a good thing that you stopped :)

ahaha, you my friend came with high marks from mr. hatchelt, so i always make exceptions for that....

why i got myself into that rotten stuff in the first place, well...that's yet to be found....deargod...

Hope you keep me....Your journal is always interesting!

no plans to cut anyone, no worries

i'd like to still be friends but if you want to cut me that's cool too.

no plans to cut anyone, no worries - come to Sevendust or the Haunted with me!!

oh nothing, just something i like to fuck around with every once in a while. keeps things fresh, y'know?! you have to..uh..change the..LJunderwear, because sometimes it...gets...dirty...WTF AM I SAYING>...wait...i had it...IT HAS A BRAIN!!!)(* or..does it.>>!#@)(&$)(*&

yeehaw! i'll look!
(adding you) :)

Add me :)

Re: Pretty please...

why'd you take me off in the first place?!

Yo yo! It's Adrienne. Remember what I said in the email? Add me! And don't you dare yell at me. You know why I made this. XD

babababababa GONZO!

Add another comrade in the war against Bush and other idiots, yes?

i'd be glad to, just as long as this doesn't have anything to do with the fact that i just de-friended Risa.

I'm stalking you via Maria's journal cause you knew where my username came from.

stalk away, but hohoho, the empire will stalk back!

I love your icon!

Re: random commenter

thank you! too bad it's so true

I met you tonight, and crushed you. Hence, you should friend me to your LJ.

you have indeed earned the right my friend

I have pictures of you in my journal now..

what a horrible thing to have!
(thanks for reminding me, i forgot to add you friday)

Hey, you seem like a cool person. Not that one can really tell, since its FO. But you love Hunter S. Thompson, so thats good enough for me.
Your interests are similar to mine, and hey, you're from my side of the world, lol. You seem to hate bush, which is always a good thing, no matter how you look at it. So, I'm going to add you, and if you want to add me back, then do so.

Sorry, I really am bad at this sort of thing. Goddamn.

Edited at 2007-12-14 10:56 am (UTC)

sounds good to me - welcome aboard

Hey found you thru Jameth's page add me?

is this me getting more stalkers?

Gonzo and Devin Townsend. Criteria enough for LJ friends. Add please.

Welcome to the force, son

Yo, it's Simon. Add me back!

I'm from Metblogs, and hope you'll friend me back :)

I have added you. my excuse is I saw you commenting in the seattle community about fava beans and voyeuristically thought you were funny and interesting. In addition, I love HST, here's a picture of my dog, named after the good doctor:

now move on, nothing to see here.

Re: seattle to here

normally i'd make you sign a waiver or something, but it looks like you can handle it here!


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